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tv   ABC15 News at 430AM  ABC  August 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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. a guy in custody slapped in handcuffs manages to get away from dps here at the gas station. we'll have the latest coming up. >> and imagine driving along this road here. the i-10 interchange and someone opens fire. it happened this weekend. for. >> and can you please explain to me what is happening right now? because i am not used to this. >> denied access. a boy with a disability turned away at sky harbor airport. his mom speaking out this morning, talking about discrimination. >> and one of the most eloquent little boys, for sure. >> and thank you for waking up on this thursday morning and you might notice dry, cool conditions.
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we managed to get yesterday and some gusty winds. you will notice a few high clouds from the west and you can see them here on satellite. and you see the dark spot to the west and west of buckeye and that will gradually drift across the valley and mostly sunny skies here as week kick off our day. the temperature at 80 degrees, and a lot of the valley dropping into the 70s this morning and not a bad start to the day lunchtime and today, hotter to 103 and the temperatures are higher and we'll talk storm chances in a few minutes. and breaking news out of the west valley now at 4:31. and only on abc 15 mornings where authorities right now have surrounded a gas station. and this is off of grand avenue, 10 3rd avenue. there is a large search that has been happening this morning in that area. katie connor is there on the scene. katie, could looks like some of
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we why under stand this started with drugs? >> reporter: dps pulled over a guy earlier this morning and here at this gas station, put the guy in handcuffs and he managed to get away. dps found a significant amount of drugs inside the car. immediately after running away, the troopers set up a param iter and called in the k-9 units. they searched a nearby hospital, but the guy is gone. we just learned that dps called off the search and back out here l a suspect description, but they going through the surveillance video at the gas station and trying to nail that down. we'll pass that to you at home. katie conner, abc 15 news. >> thank you. >> and this is tough to look at. shattered windshield, debris on the road and three people who were really knocked out of shoes. it happens a lot when you have these types of violent accidents. three people hit by the car. one victim was young as four
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officers say the child and two adults were walking across the street near 35th avenue and greenway and they were not in a crosswalk when hit. the driver took off but officers tell us that the driver's mother took him to the precinct. and officers might be looking for a passenger who was in the car. and i am justin. imagine here, somebody opens dps needs help trying to find the driver who can did that and look at the act here and police are looking for this car now, a black kia seuol sport. the woman rolled down the window, pointed a gun and fired a shot and listen to dispatchers after that 911 call was made. >> a white kia sedan, shot gun at rp.
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handgun, the hov third avenue get and rp heard a pop and something hit the vehicle. >> and so dps believes the driver of the kia, a black woman in her mid-20s, they saysha she was driving erratic before opening fire and if you know anything, or saw something there is i lot of people on this road. dps wants to hear from you. of course, every time you hear about gunshots, people get a little scared. leslie merritt, dan. >> and drive by shootings not unique to the valley of the sun but when you talk about the freeway shootings before, merit jr. going back to court to try to get his gun back. he was the one-time freeway the shooting suspect. of course, no longer facing charges, but the dps crime lab stands by their conclusion that his .9-millimeter handgun is the weapon used in several shot
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we're hoping to find the motives in a shooting in avondale and last night, the officers arrested jesus castellanos. a man was shot in the front room of a home and that victim is still in critical condition this morning. >> and we to a murder that shocked a chandler neighborhood and a new effort by officers to find the killer. one week ago, an 84-year-old man was killed and his body was found outside of an l.a. fitness. in a few hours, officers will ca some new clues in this case. >> and he has the keys in the ignition but never started the car and the doors are open like he was trying to get in. >> and there is a $1,000 reward for any information. and chandler police have a special section on their website dedicated to this case. and from a murder case in chandler to a prostitution case out of someone's home, officers keeping busy after arresting a free lance journalist near ray
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bob richardson is a news producer, often part of the nbc network news team that covers big stories around arizona. the court documents said he had a male prostitute working out of his chandler home. according to the documents, undercover police learned that richardson wanted to hire more prostitutes and he would keep half the money they made. a neighbor reacted like >> a man answered richardson's phone and he can not talk. we didn't hear back from nbc news. and this is the story that our abc 15 investigators broke wide open. now, the arizona attorney general's office is taking some action of its own and the ags office jumping into the legal fray involving advocates for individuals with disabilities and that i filed 1500 lawsuits since the beginning of the year and seeking damages for parking lots they say are not ada compliant. now, the ag is intervening and
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the group exceeded its authority and can't collect fees in these types of lawsuits, dan. and check it out on and new details this morning, the kidnapping of three children in california. they were found safe, but the couple that theyer with remains on the run. authorities say humphrey and robertson are considered armed and dangerous. and officers say humphrey isd children's aunt and they're wanted for the kidnapping and persons of murder of children's mother. her body found days ago in california. the couple drove new our state and left the kids in albuquerque. and for 37:00 back at the live desk and this is out of indiana, a twister destroying so many buildings in the town of cocomo, north of indianapolis and this mean strauss ef-3 tornado ripping roofs off of buildings and air conditioners landing on top of
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and wiping out businesses in shockly and no major injuries to report. and walk with me. i want to walk to the billing board and show you something here and this is inside a restaurant. you see this in and this is nice and oh, it went out. guess what happens next. you're going to see the camera move and coo know you'reon the right-hand part of the screen and that is a starbucks there and you see that clayness? that was a starbucks collapsed right there and amazing that nobody was injured in that and obviously, this person inside a business there videotaping this and that is the aerial shot of what is left behind and you saw it inside. and the twister hits the starbucks level. and iris, you have covered tornados and this is something else. and i have to tell you, no serious injuries. >> and that is incredible. when you see that video of that
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that person. wow. and this is an incredible, incredible story and light talk about the weather at home. yesterday was an active day for us. and we managed to get storms off of the higher terrain. they made it further south into central phoenix and brought in gusty winds ahead of them, too and quieter this morning on desserts doppler and even as i zoom on out, you can see it's quote in the surrounding areas and across the state. now, that won't be the case as we go through the day and we'll see more storms firing up across the higher terrain. the chances of seeing the storms move off of the mountains is lower for the phoenix metro and we'll have to keep an eye on things. overall, the storm chances are below 10% for the phoenix metro today and temperaturewise, not doing bad. we're sighting in the low 80s in phoenix and plan on the low 70s to low 80s, mostly sunny skies and light breezes. into this afternoon, getting hotter and we'll talk about that seven aft and our
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next. and intos roads right now. the freeways are -- into the roads right now. the freeways are nice and clear and no delays just yet and there is a crash on the side streets here. camelback road at 63rd avenue and i am also hearing there is some injuries in this crash. so, you might want to avoid camelback and take bethany moment and use indian school. i want to give you a look at the 10 on 43rd avenue. picking up a bit and there is a car on the left-hand side that looks like a stall, not impacting traffic but something to look out for. we'll head to and give you a look at the road conditions there in just a few moments. fifty miles from phoenix. passing a semi on the freeway. and the car just dies. >> oh, they expected their honeymoon to be the best week ever. now, one couple is dealing with a travel nightmare. >> and red, blue, or purple, what party will get arizona's support. you have the new numbers showing which presidential
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. it's 4:43. and we look outside. you can see the lights heading across tempe up to lake. the most accurate forecast coming up in just a bit and the dessert drive times with malory and danielle has the news. >> reporter: getting through a security checkpoint at the airport can be tough. one family said the tsa went too far. a young boy detained for something that is keeping him alive when he tried to head home to minnesota out of sky harbor about it. >> shocked beyond belief. in walks the head of the department of homeland security for the entire airport. >> and also full police officers. with everything. guns, tazers, all of that. >> wow. she said her son wears a pacemaker. he was diagnosed with golden harsyndrome and has had 15 open heart surgeries and he's 9 years old. burk strom said they have
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to skip the metal detectors for a two-minute screening, but over the weekend, a tsa agent stopped them. >> i don't think the tsa should be in the business of making kids feel bad about their disability. >> instead of, you know, trying to stop crime. >> wow. spoken from the mouth of children. the tsa said it's reviewing the incident and they're working to get in touch with that family. >> nine ar my goodness. >> and in democracy 2016, looks like our state is a hotspot for republican presidential candidate donald trump. he's officially announcing he will be here in town next week. his speech could focus on immigration after working to soften the message all this week. apparently moving away from some of his controversial plans like the promise to deport 11 million undocumented workers. the speech originally was planned for a rally in colorado today. one expert, though, said moving
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>> see you come to arizona, you have people like joe arpaio show up and this is the message you want and the place you want to do this. >> trump will be at the hyatt regency in downtown phoenix on wednesday. and when it comes to voters in arizona, looks like they might be leaning toward donald trump, as far as right now. a new poll through cnn shows that trump has 43% of support. rival hillary clinton is trailing with 38% and libertarian gary johnson with 12% and the green stein rounding out with 4% in arizona. >> and 4:46 now. back at the live desk. the news keeps getting worse in italy. the death toll from the 6.1 magnitude earthquake is now at 247. three towns were hit hard and new geologists worry there is a risk of landslides following the earthquake; however, there is some hope as rescuers continue to deg through the piles of rocks and sand trying to find survivors.
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with me here. >> yeah! that is a rescue there, a survivor. they saw her leg and began digging frantically. she was pulled out alive. this happened 17 hours after the earthquake. let's hope we see more of the images, dan. >> a story of triumph there, chris. >> and not holding back, ahead of an exclusive 20/20 interview airing tomorrow night, hearing more from kayla mueller's parents after what they went through when their daughter was kidnapped overseas. kayla, an american aid worker from prescott, was helping with isis while helping with a doctors from borders hospital. and the humanitarian group refused to negotiate for her freedom and withheld critical information. you can see the entire emotional interview tomorrow night at 9:00 here on abc 15. and this next story is a travel night mire for a couple
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celebrating honeymoon in las vegas. they were left stranded on the side of the road. >> and this happened 50 miles outside of phoenix. they rented a car to meet up with the kids in the valley, but before they got here, that car stalled and they were stuck. turns out the car rental company shut down their vehicle. >> we were not told anything about not being able to leave the state. it's not written in the contract anywhere we can't leave the state. >> the rental company said drivers are not allowed to leave the state, even the contract states you can cry to arizona along -- you can drive to arizona. it was spelled out they can do what they do. >> yeah. >> and the honeymoon stage is supposed to be glowing? >> and not for him, hopefully. and of course, this is probably one of the worse times to get stranded in your car out there with the keys and conditions? >> and especially when temperatures warm into the happens in spots across our state. we ended up into the hundreds and we were tracking storms yesterday. the good news is that this morning, as you're getting ready to head out of the door,
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this time -- not live, but a time lapse here the last six hours from the arizona department of environmental quality. a little bit of haze out there, clouds and tough to tell without the daylight. that is what it's looking like here on the time lapse and we're not seeing rain even if we are seeing high clouds drifting in. and temperaturewise, doing pretty 78, door valley and 79 in chandler. and folks at 80 degrees, though, and it's not feeling as cool and not a bad start to the day and this is the low average and enjoy it while we can, right? and sunrise is at 558time. and the dew point -- 5 feat. and the dew points into the low 50s. the dew points drop. we have been losing monsoon moisture and like yesterday, despite that lack of moisture,
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that brought rain through phoenix. and we have the lower moisture. the storms will fire up along the rim and no action up there and into this afternoon, they will fire along the rim and move to the east-northeast and there is just a slight chance moo thawe could see a stray pop- up to the west and we'll have to keep a closeup on that and why's important to keep your eye on the abc 15 mobile app. if we see anything, we'll let you know and into tomorrow, some changes. a stray shower not out of the question friday morning and better chances by friday afternoon and you will notice on the timeline by 4:00, a 20% chance of a few scattered showers and thunderstorms across phoenix metro and they could bring gusty winds,
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the south. today, a bit of a quieter day around the valley. a high of 103 and mostly sunny skies. hotter, too, and temperatures drop as the storm chances go up before we get hotter days into next week. i will break down the hour-by- hour forecast in a few minutes. mallory. your freeways are nice and light this morning. no crashes or issues valleywide, including the east valley and look at u.s. 60 make you're taking the 101 northbound. the dessert drive time into scottsdale is 11 minutes from the 202 to shea and a quick look outside from the a-dot camera, looks like a stall on the left-hand side and slows traffic down a bit and this is,- 10 eastbound, 43rd avenue and a look at i-17 is up next. >> and back at the live desk here, wikileaks is at it again and promising to relieve
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hillary clinton. and the founder julie anassange said it will happen before election day and he has not yet confirmed if this will be a game changer about you that this is significant. last month, wikileaks, you might recall, released files from the dnc. danielle. and saist is a top priority at school. when false threats start making it tough to learn, the district gets fed up. how one district is taking action to track down the prankster. >> and to going beyond the grid iron. the u of a football team is losing a player, an unexpected showing of support this morning. night subscriptions for uber. >> the ride-sharing service in september will roll out uber plus. it allows customers to pay a monthly fee for rides. >> and costs between the it 50 depending on the city. amazon is stepping up the grocery game. it wants to open drive-up hubs where customers can pick up
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>> and amazon will deliver groceries but the click and collect approach eliminates the need to deliver perishable items. and the hands of an australian woman, a combo of darth vadar and the terminator. the things in the red sickles are micro-- circles are microchips. >> and they allow her to unlock doors without using a key. she can access her computer without a password. >> like this? >> you sort of have the force, don't you? >> a little bit. >> those are your techbytes. watch this. wa wow.
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4:55. and college football kicks off one week from today. competition can turn into compassion off of the field. >> and heartwarming. after losing zach himala died in his sleep, condolences are coming in. and you can see the longhorn, they were sent over by the university of texas. yeah, you see the post on facebook, shows how classy and thoughtful it was for texas football to take the time? >> and always nice to see the teams together. the san francisco 49ers support over a card as a show of support. the cats kick off their season in the valley a week from saturday against byu. and meantime, it's the super bowl of arena football and it's happening at gila
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this is brand-new video as the crews put the last-minute finishing touches on the arena. the five-time champion arizona rattlers are taking on the philadelphia seoul in the arena bowl tomorrow. the tickets start at $9 and you can buy them at the gila river box office or ticketmaster. >> and abc 15 is giving away tickets to the other team. the cards-broncos team september 1st. download the abc 15 app and look for the chance to wind. >> and happening today, one of the largest international underway. and that is thanks to the phoenix hera tolodge cool society. 25caymans were at risk of being euthanized after outgrowing their enclosures. they will get to live longer here in the 62sdale. and -- in scottsdale. >> temperatures are hotter across the valley and below average. we'll talk storm chances next. >> and iris, on abc 15, going to the west valley where a search is happening now after a
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to escape. the large perimeter is set up the large perimeter is set up and the search z23eiz zvpz
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. dps has a guy in custody, but he manages to escape. i will explain how coming up.
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10. it may sound familiar, but the story is much different. who dps are looking for now. >> and three lockdowns in one week, a valley school district getting tough over false threats, saying they're fed up with all of the foolishness. >> and good morning, everybody. abc 15 mornings is on. you notice the 70s, and that temperature game? >> it's true and temperature gauge? >> and it's true. lasting through winter, right? >> and they're going to get hotter today. so, not the you know what, guys, the temperature is below the average for this type of the year. you know where into summer when you start saying hurray. and only to the low 100s for highs. that is the case today. right now, not feeling too bad and waking up to temperatures in the 70s. across much of the valley, phoenix dropping to 78 degrees. and a few high clouds but all dry. the most accurate forecast, warming quicker today into the


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